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Baby Brielle:)

Sometimes the silly shots end up being my favourite, haha! Big brother Hunter is so full of personality, and sweet little Brielle is perfection smiling in her mommy’s arms.

Beautiful Jen:)

When one of your best friends is expecting baby number four, and she is this beautiful, you need to get her in front of your camera!!! I cannot wait to meet and snuggle baby Hunter! He is due any day now, and I’m so excited for Jen and her family. This little guy is loved by so many all ready, he hit the jackpot with the Reeves family:) Isn’t she stunning?!

Ben turns one:)

I LOVE photographing this family! They are so easy going, and we just have fun. Being silly, having fun, and connecting with your family is my goal for every family session and these guys nailed it! It is always extra special doing these sessions when the little one is a past newborn client, this is my second time taking photos of Ben, I can’t believe these gorgeous blue eyes. He just keeps getting more handsome, and is personality is just the sweetest:)


The Reece family:)

This beautiful family!!! I struggled to narrow down the images to show in this blog post. It’s so hard to sum up a family session like this in just a few shots. It’s sessions like this that remind me why I love photography. It’s not the perfectly posed portraits that take me back to a moment, or a feeling with my young girls, it’s the real moments in between. It’s capturing joy and silliness, it’s chasing wild toddlers, and catching pure love in a parents eye. The Reece family are great friends of ours, and I was so happy to do these photos for them (and maybe a bit nervous, lol). Little Lennon and Jenson made my job easy by being so incredibly adorable, and their parents are pretty adorable too;)

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