Adorable one year old boy clasping hands together
Birthday baby boy sitting in sunlight in front of mirror
baby playing peak a boo under a blanket
one year old making silly faces for the camera
little girl with big curls making smushy face at the camera
Little girl dances and moves her dress in the studio
one year old boy with big curly hair peaks over the couch
toddler entertains herself under the couch during photoshoot
gorgeous big blue eyed baby girl in matching mohair bonnet and onesie
baby boy with big curls taste birthday cake for the first time
sweet baby boy crawls across the floor wearing only a diaper
artistic close up shot of baby's hands after cake smash
adorable baby rolls in blankets laughing, wearing a flower crown
beautiful baby girls holds her toes and poses for the camera in a flower crown
sweet baby girl plays on her back with her feet in the air
baby girl plays in the blankets wearing a pretty headband with flowers
black and whit of one year old boy laughing and banging on bench
beautiful big eyed baby girl poses for a portrait and sucks her soother
stunning black and white portrait of gorgeous young girl
black and white of little girl dancing outside in rustic setting at sunset like a ballerina
big beautiful cheesy grin on sweet toddler girl
sweet funny baby poses in blankets
Baby boy rolls around in blankets
one year old baby boy in his birthday suit
funny photo of sweet personality of little girl making funny faces at the camera
toddler flakes out during photo session
black and white of little girl looking mischievous playing outside by the lake
Adorable funny baby girl sticks out tongue and winks at the camera
fun first birthday shot of baby toes
first birthday cake smash of little girl in vintage high chair with pink cake
Little boy looks up at camera while messing with cake during birthday cake smash
little girl eats big piece of cake on her first birthday
pretty baby in white outfit on white couch
happy baby girl in one piece with delicate headband
sweet baby boy sucking on blanket
white setting with baby boy with white blanket on his lap
brother and sister toddlers in sweet happy moment on a white couch
close up of baby girls feet and hands
one year old baby boy looking up at camera
birthday boy cake smash cake covered toes
beautiful autumn sunset in field with a gorgeous girl in a leather jacket
long grass field in autumn sunset with sweet little girl in jean jacket
coastal ocean sunset with proud little boy wrapped in special blanket
stunning 6 year old girl poses in a white dress in wild lupins
100 day old session of sweet little girl in white bonnet
close up chubby cheeks of sweet baby girl all dressed in white
adorable baby boy playing in a blanket on his belly
baby boy buries his head in the blankets
one year old birthday girl gets ready to dig into her first birthday cake
little girl laughs and giggles at the camera playing peek a boo
sweet baby girl looking innocent eating her birthday cake
baby girl does cake smash wearing a sweet little white bow in her curly brown hair
little girl plays and smiles while wearing tiny little pony tail on the top of her head
adorable girl plays shy with the camera
one year old birthday session with little boy eating a cupcake
baby boy eating his first cupcake puts his frosting covered hand in his mouth
sweet baby girl lays on her back with her feet in the air looking straight up at the camera and smiles
funny baby boy turns one and crawls across the floor laughing

“Every single one of these are perfect, I can't stop looking at them! Thank you for these beautiful memories!”