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I'm passionate about motherhood, living fully, and capturing all the beautiful details along the way. Photography has always been a wonderful creative outlet for me, and has evolved over time into a career I deeply love.

Above all, I am a wife and a mother. My girls are full of character, kind-hearted, silly and exhausting! They are my driving force and my constant inspiration. My parents always enforced in me the importance and value in loving what I do first, and my husband has encouraged my passions every step of the way. Because of these people, my family, I am truly living my dream, combining the two things I have loved since I can remember, art, and babies.

My daughters remind me how fleeting time is, and how important every memory is. A photo has that magical ability to transport you back to that moment, and more importantly that feeling. This is where my passion for photography lies, in remembering it all, in reliving the moment as much, and as often as we want.

 My photography is natural and authentic, with a focus on details and connection. My style is laid back, and baby led throughout every session. When I look back at photos of my own girls, its the images that capture who they are that I am constantly drawn to. The images I take for you are a mirror of what I want to remember of my babies, and my family. It’s their true personality, the tiny details. It’s about them and nothing else. Sweetness, silliness, love, connection, emotion, messiness, I want to remember it all.

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"You are truly the baby whisperer! I am amazed at how all my babies have responded to your gentle hands and kind voice! You always seem to capture the most perfect moments!
– Michelle, mom of three"

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